Ocean Grove is a birder friendly establishment, perfectly situated on the South Coast component of the Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal Birding Route. The route has a bird list of over 500 species, including 64 endemic, or near endemic species, and 67 red data species. The South Coast is unique, with its variety of habitats from coastal and wetland to forest, woodland and grassland environments

It is only in the region of the South Coast Birding Route that South Africa’s two distinct avifaunas (afromontane and tropical forest) overlap, making birding in this area extremely rewarding. Specials include the northernmost population of Knysna Woodpecker and other highly sought-after species including Magpie Manikin and African Broadbill.

At Ocean Grove, guests can stroll through the gardens, under the huge, shady, indigenous trees and enjoy an abundance of bird life without leaving the property. The avid birder can continue this experience by visiting the nearby Mpenjati, Umtamvuna and Oribi Gorge nature reserves.

The following photos were taken on the property at Ocean Grove: